profile picWelcome to my little space on the internet. I am revamping a blog that has been dormant since 2009, so I hope to update with musings, pictures, and videos ever so often.

Why “coconutwheel”? My Chinese name “Yē Lún” sounds like the words for “coconut (yē)” and “wheel (lún)” although they are different words. They just happen to share the same sounds. My college friend saw my name and asked me if my name meant “coconut wheel.” And it just stuck. So when I was thinking of a name for my blog, that’s what I used.

I love dinosaurs. I love languages. And I love to cook yummy food. I work with college students through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the beautiful city of Boston. My job is to help Christians and non-Christians alike connect with Jesus, be transformed by Him, grow in leadership and spiritual maturity, and be sent out to be world-changers. I love my job, and I’m in my 8th year.