Power and Privilege: A Model from the Early Church

Seven DeaconsFor the past 6 years, I’ve gone to New Orleans in March to staff a service project for college students. This year, we piloted new curriculum that included racial reconciliation, power, and privilege. We looked at a situation that the early Christian church faced regarding injustice, power, and privilege (Acts 6:1-7) to see what we can learn from them. It was the last night of our community discussions, and I was honestly feeling fried. It was a long week, and we’ve already talked about so many hard topics. I didn’t know how much was left in me, and I didn’t know how much my table group could handle. But the Scriptures surprised me, and below is a quick sketch of what I gleaned from the chapter regarding how power and privilege can be used to address injustices. Continue reading Power and Privilege: A Model from the Early Church

Sabbath and Self Care

(I shared this reflection on Feb 11 with students at Northeastern’s Asian American Center for its Self Care Week. The reflection was influenced by Tim Keller’s sermon on rest.)

The spiritual practice of sabbath taking is important to both the Jewish and Christian faith. Let me read two passages from the Bible, one from the Old Testament where God is speaking the 10 Commandments to the Jewish people, and a passage from the New Testament where Jesus is speaking to his followers. Continue reading Sabbath and Self Care

“Winter in Carmel”

“Winter in Carmel”

Jan 8, 2015

Upward and outward I looked,
Across the valley and the hills covered
With grey-green shrubs:
The morning sun warm on my face,
Hummingbirds abuzz in my ear.

A bridge I crossed from old to new,
A fresh year welcomed by cymbals
Cobbled from cover and pot.
I taste the new and I caught a glimpse
Of youthful past, the tender look
Of a mother, the proud glance of
A father, and the care of a sister;
The moment was thick with memory
And anchored with hope.

Continue reading “Winter in Carmel”