BILLUE reunited


Here we are in front of Henry Clay’s house. I found the opportunity to visit Billy in the end of December last year. It was wonderful to see him. We spent a good amount of time goofing off and making jokes at each other. We also spent a good amount of time revisiting old memories from our college days. We are in pretty different life stages now, but at the same time it feels like we never graduated from college. The only thing missing is a new music video!

One thing that I’m really thankful for this visit was the opportunity to rekindle my Latin. On the first day there, Billy was grading exams, which left me with ample time to relax, but it also gave me time to review my Latin. Now having returned home, I am still continuing with it. I’ve been trying to read the Bible in Latin, which is less stressful because I have the English translation at hand. This gives me an opportunity to build up my vocabulary and solidify my grammar. And if any questions come up, I can always ask Billy.

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