“Winter in Carmel”

“Winter in Carmel”

Jan 8, 2015

Upward and outward I looked,
Across the valley and the hills covered
With grey-green shrubs:
The morning sun warm on my face,
Hummingbirds abuzz in my ear.

A bridge I crossed from old to new,
A fresh year welcomed by cymbals
Cobbled from cover and pot.
I taste the new and I caught a glimpse
Of youthful past, the tender look
Of a mother, the proud glance of
A father, and the care of a sister;
The moment was thick with memory
And anchored with hope.

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Breathing Room

(I wrote this during a time when many transitions were happening. I was starting ministry work at Northeastern; I was transitioning more responsibilities to my co-staff; I was deciding whether or not to apply to grad school; and I was still adjusting to married life.)


“Breathing Room”

I need time to breathe.
I need time to breathe.
Time to think and time to breathe.

What does the future hold, if not those
Hidden in the present
Wrapped with the past?

Let me unfurl the layers
To see clearly now
What is in the out-stretched palm.

I need time to breathe.
Inhale, exchange: