Life without the iPhone

Day 0 (5.26.13)

  • It’s something I already thought through about a month ago. At that point, I thought about all the different things I have to give up and I decided that there’s nothing really that I would be missing out on. Everything I can do on the iPhone, I can do on my computer. The only thing is convenience.

Day 1 (5.27.13)

  • It’s nice knowing that my phone only receives texts and calls. I don’t have to put any special restrictions not to check email or other stuff. I don’t feel bad that “I’m not taking full advantage of the functions of the phone.” My phone now is just something through which people can reach me.
  • It didn’t take long for me to figure out how to operate the dumb phone. There is part of me that is relearning the technology. But as I’ve thought through already, this inconvenience is nothing compared to peace of mind I can get through having a limited device.
  • I am much more willing to call someone rather than text because texting is so cumbersome.
  • I am also feeling like there is some kind of comparison that goes on. People are judged by what kind of phone they have. I feel just a little of that.

Day 2 (5.28.13)

  • There is this “Daily Scoop” thing that pops up on my flip phone. It annoyed me so much. It felt really intrusive. I was annoyed that something had access to me through the phone that I didn’t authorize. So I found out that it was an app, and I deleted it.
  • All my technology is consolidated to my computer. I don’t expect anything from my cellphone now.
  • A part of my mind feels like something has been cut off, like a limb. It still thinks it’s there, but after it initiates, the brain realizes that it’s not there. Like taking pictures, or searching for something. There is part of my brain that needs to be retrained. And I hope it will be used for something else.

Day 3 (5.29.13)

  • Beginning to experience the inconvenience more, especially with texting. Texting is the primarily way to communicate these days. The most inconvenient being not having group texts.
  • Feelings of regret is creeping in. Wondering why I didn’t just delete all apps instead of the basic apps? There had to be a way of keeping the iPhone and completely blocking access to internet pornography?

Day 7 (6.2.13)

  • I feel less connected. But that’s also not a bad thing.
  • It’s an interesting feeling to have everything funneled into my laptop. It feels “bigger” now. And my cellphone is “smaller.”
  • It’s definitely easier to shut off technology with everything being on my computer.
  • I feel like I’m relearning things. Mostly telling myself things I can’t do anymore.
  • Perhaps there’s also the panic of if I don’t check something on my computer, then I might miss something. I can’t have it on the go anymore.
  • I’m also surprised at how much communication these days have become digitized. Text and email. We don’t call people anymore.
  • I have this image of flailing wires coming out of my brain. And these live wires have to be cut or trimmed. They want to connect to some information source, some flow of new information, and it is being trimmed.

Day 9 (6.4.13)

  • Another obvious thing that I didn’t mention was this: the price. On a dumb phone, it only costs $30 for unlimited call and text. With a smart phone, and If it were just me on the plan, I would be paying $40 for unlimited call and text and then $50 for 1GB. So on a simple phone, I save $60 a month. That’s $720 a year. That’s one way to reduce costs.

Day 13 (6.8.13)

  • Feels like my life is quieter.
  • I feel like “holes” in my head are being closed. Parts of my mind that were “open” to communication or information is now being closed, because the expectations for my phone is changing.
  • Something in my mind feels like it has been starved and thus is shrinking and atrophying.

Day 21 (6.16.13)

  • I think after 3 weeks or so, I feel fine without the iPhone.
  • Things I miss about it
    • camera
    • photo editing apps which were more versatile than the ones I have on my laptop
    • weather app
    • group messaging
    • calendar
    • note taking
  • But mostly it’s the camera and being able to show people pictures and videos that I miss
  • All the other stuff is all pretty easy to work around. Just takes a few more seconds and I have to wait until I have access to my computer. I just bring a notebook around with me and also take my point and shoot camera.
  • I know that it is also the summer, and my schedule is less busy, but my life does feel quieter.

Day 23 (6.18.13)

  • At least for my friend circles, which communicated through iMessage, it has been a little disorienting in terms of how to connect and reach out to them. We usually don’t talk on the phone, so I also want to use the format of communication most comfortable for them as well.

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