Spring Snapshots (2015)

IMG_4402Billy and me at Carmel by the Sea (Jan 4).

IMG_5275 Speaking at Northeastern IV’s Large Group on the Gospel and leading authentic lives (Jan 20).

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.16.04 PMEgg Roulette at HRAACF’s Winter Retreat (2.7). Click picture to watch video (4 mins).

IMG_0014My poor car after all the ice had melted (Mar 26). The plow trucks got me!

2015-03-29 12.45.44Celebrating Palm Sunday at Park Street Church (Mar 29).

IMG_0340Coaching students at Northeastern to do the “Story Project,” which is an interactive display to engage the campus with the Christian story and to have spiritual conversations (4.21).

IMG_0404End of the semester lunch with Northeastern’s Large Group Team (4.28).

IMG_0425Setting up for HRAACF’s Senior Night (May 1).

IMG_0348Feet washing and end of year commissioning for new leaders and staff transitions (May 4).

IMG_0508Handing off HRAACF staff responsibilities to Debra Chang, symbolized by the Harvard ruler (May 6.) (We couldn’t find a baton.)

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