A poem by Yun Dong-ju
translated by coconutwheel


This way and that,
A weeping autumn
Falls like its foliage,
Piece by piece.

Each vacancy of the fallen leaves
Prepares for the spring,
But until then, the sky
Spreads above the branches.

Quietly, if you wish to invite the sky,
Dye your eyes with blue.
If you want to hold the warm cheeks
In your two hands,
Bury your palms in blue.

Now take a look at them:
In the lines of your hand
Flows clear river water,
The clear water flowing.
There is a sad face, like that of love,
The beautiful face of Soon-ee,
When she was young.

In my youth, I saw the world
With my eyes closed, in rapture.
But the clear waters flow,
And a face sad like love,
The beautiful face of Soon-ee

In youth.

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